Why You Should Be Choosing A Local Host - Laskos

When it comes to choosing a host for your website. It may not seem as important as, let’s say, the design of your website, or what your domain name should be. However, it is equally as important. It’s all well and good having a good looking website and a catch domain name. But, if your websites stability is unreliable and is constantly going down, that can count for nothing. That’s why you should look into hiring the services of a local host. A business local to you that understands your needs and provide the security and scalability needed for your website.

If your customers are located in, for example, the US, then you need a web hosting company that has servers in the US. Likewise, if your customers are in the UK or Europe, then you might want to choose a company with servers in either of those countries. And when it comes to here in the UK it’s even better if you have a host that is in your locality. For example, if you’re a business based in Bolton, it really helps to have a host that is also based in Bolton.

You also need to beware of what is referred to as ‘hosting resellers’. This can be hosting companies here in the UK who create the illusion that everything is being hosted here in the UK, but in fact, they are cost-cutting by outsourcing their hosting services to an organisation in a cheaper country.

Surprisingly business owners don’t give this much thought, but one of the most important factors in increasing traffic to your website is how fast your web pages load. People in the modern-day like fast-loading websites and if your web pages take too long to load, then they will leave and go to your competitor’s website. Having a host with his servers based in your country and locality will have a considerable effect on how quickly your website loads.

If you want to know more about the benefits of having your website ran through a local host and the benefits it can have both for your website and your business. Get in touch. Here at Laskos, we specialise in everything digital. From domain names, social media to servers, to website hosting and website maintenance.