When planning on launching your website, one crucial part of the planning process is what to
call your website. Picking the domain is by far one of the most important decisions.

Traditionally, there were only a few choices with them being .com and .co.uk. However, now
you can get all different types of domains such as .london and .property just to name a few.
So with so much choice out there, we’re going to help you make your decision by focusing
on why you should focus on a UK domain. At the moment the two main UK domains are
.co.uk and .uk.

If you’re a business based in the UK, you’re going to want your visitors to know that, and you
don’t want them going through the hassle of going through your website to your About Me
page just to find that out. If your company page ends with .co.uk, they immediately know
you’re based in the UK. For consumers that are looking specifically for a UK based
company, this can be a game-changer as you’ve given them an immediate impression.
Recent studies have backed this up with 72% of us internet users in Britain choosing to open
a UK based website over one of its international counterparts. This is most of the time due to
the fact they know they’ll be able to find the service or product they’re looking without
expecting long turnaround times to get what they need.

Traditionally, .co.uk, in particular, used to be available only to commercial companies.
However since this restriction has been lifted, if you’re self-employed, a freelancer or
entrepreneur, you can also take advantage of using this domain. And with .co.uk being one
of the more popular domains, if a user forgets the entirety of your actual domain, it’s going to
be one of the first ones they’re going to guess.

Simply put, the main benefit of having a UK domain is simply that you avoid confusion and
offer simplicity to any potential visitors of your site. The more a user is confused or made to
wait or do the searching themselves, the less the chance of them actually visiting your
website at all and instead of going elsewhere.

If you want to know more and about the variants of UK domains and more information on
why they’re the best choice for you and your website, feel free to get in touch with us.