When it comes to buying a domain, there are two main markets. There is the primary market. This is direct from websites that sell the domains such as GoDaddy and Bluehost. And then there is a secondary market that not as many people know about. This is commonly referred to as the domain aftermarket. The aftermarket, as the name suggests, is where people auction and sell their domains which they have already bought on the primary market. This can sometimes be the place to snap yourself into bargains. This is also the place you’ll find people who buy a lot of domains. You’ll find a lot of the sellers in the aftermarket have procured domains that they see have future potential or value.

Typically on the domain aftermarket, you’ll find auction sites whereby you can speak to buyers as the seller and vice versa to negotiate in private and close deals on the sale and purchase of domains. These auction houses typically also provide additional services such as parking and holding the funds in escrow so that the sale can be completed with reassurance for both sides. Popular websites including GoDaddy domain auctions and DAN.com.

When choosing a domain name, whether it’s for your business or for the aftermarket. A top tip is to keep your domain as simple as possible. After all, some people who aren’t familiar with bookmarking will end up having to type in your website name each time. So you want something that’s simple, effective and straight to the point.

Here are some of the most popular ways of buying a domain on the aftermarket:-

  • Expired domains or expiring domains: Wait for a domain to expire when the owner hasn’t renewed. A cheap way to pick up a valuable domain.
  • Dropping domains: This is where the owner of a domain chooses not to renew their domain leaving it available.
  • For sale by owner: As the name suggests, this is where people who have bought domains on the primary market sell their domains on the secondary market, usually with the aim of making a profit.

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