laskos Factors To Consider When Choosing A Domain

When it comes to establishing a digital presence one of the best ways in which you can do this is to get a website built for your business. However, like many other things in business, you need to put plenty of planning and preparation into your website. From what it will look like, to what you will call it. Today we are going to be focusing on the latter. We are going to look at the key factors you should be considering when choosing a domain name for your website.

So why is your domain name so important? Well when choosing a domain, your website and the name itself are the first impressions that people have on your website. It will be the first thing that any visitors see and so you want an appealing domain name that will entice people to visit your website.

Also, an effective and well-thought-out domain name can contribute to the overall SEO of your website. And it also defines your brand and your business. It is like the front window of your digital shopfront. So you want it to be consistent with the rest of your brand.

So what are the factors you should be taking into consideration?

  • Choose the right extension – for example, if you’re a UK-based business, choosing can help illustrate to visitors from the off that you are a domestic business.
  • Keep it simple – you don’t want a long domain name as you have to remember that users to your site will have to type this in. You want something that is short, powerful and succinct.
  • Make sure it is easy to pronounce – essentially your domain is going to be the front for your business digitally, and when people are mentioning your website to their friends you don’t want something that will twist their tongue but something that rolls off the tongue nicely.
  • Use keywords – your domain name plays a huge part in the overall SEO of your website. And so you will want to consider using niche keywords that reflect not only your website but your business and the product/services that you sell.
  • Check that it isn’t already being used – the last thing you want to do is plan every part of your website and branding only to realise the domain name is already taken and so make sure you do your checks before you go forward.

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