laskos scams on twitter

Twitter, just like many other large social networks, have seen a huge rise in their user base, but concurrently have also seen a huge rise in scams. With the more people on the social platform, this appears to those cyber criminals to be more opportunities to scam people out of their money, data and information. And Twitter is no exception to this unfortunate trend. There are common scams on Twitter that are aimed at those who aren’t tech-savvy and look to manipulate that person for either their data or information. Thankfully if you use Twitter, today we are going to run through some of the most common scams on Twitter and how you can spot the warning signs early on so that you don’t fall victim.

Twitter in particular is the target of a lot of ‘bot scams’. Something that other networks such as LinkedIn and Facebook suffer from much less frequently. The reason that this is more favorable from the criminals on Twitter is that they are not directly involved themselves. Typically they will respond to a popular and verified profile. And typically they will be imitating a human and asking the profile to click on a malicious link. If you’re ever suspicious of a link on Twitter avoid it. Twitter is also a nightmare for these types of scams as a lot of website addresses are shortened because of the character limit on tweets meaning at first you can’t see if it is a legitimate website.

Twitter is also a social network where the number of followers you have means a lot more than on other social networks. Subsequently, this has lead to a black market where people will allow you to ‘pay for followers’. These are the types of scams that you will want to stay away from. You may well end up getting some followers from the transaction, however, these followers aren’t relevant at all. All it takes is someone to dip check your followers and they will be able to tell straight away that you have bought your followers, immediately damaging your reputation. A lot of these websites are also out to scam you as well, providing you in fact with no followers following your payment.

When you’re on Twitter always use your common sense if you stumble across something that doesn’t quite look right. And never click on any links that seem to stand out to you. There are plenty of cyber criminals out there waiting to take advantage of the slightest bit of naivety in order to steal your information and data. If you want to know more about the world of social and digital subscribe to us here at, the home of digital.