We have invested a lot of time and money to make sure all the websites we host are not only secure but are the hardware used is at the highest specifications.

Denial of Service Protection
We have all our IP ranges sitting behind Arbor Networks DDoS scrubbing devices to protect our network from Denial of Service attacks. These should protect against most DDoS attacks. This again is a best effort service to ensure your websites remain on line even in the event of an attack.

Data Centre Hardware Failure
Where hardware failure in the data centre occurs such as a failed switch (very rare event) and an outage does happen we aim to have the situation resolved within 2 hours on a best effort basis. If any issues will take longer we will always post announcements explaining in detail what the situation is and why.

We provide best effort for any hardware related issues and we carry spare hardware in stock at all times for any servers we deploy on our network. Our data centre will replace any failed parts within 2 hours of this being reported to them and we endeavour to pass on any issues within 30 minutes of it being reported to us. In the event that some hardware fails beyond repair we carry Hot Spare servers from our most popular range on line at all times ready for immediate use. All dedicated servers come with unlimited remote reboots via the helpdesk and also come with 1 KVMoIP session per month for clients who prefer to do their own troubleshooting.

Helpdesk Support
Our primary means of support is the helpdesk. Clients are assigned categories on the helpdesk and we promise the following maximum response times for issues that are not a result of hardware failure. Where hardware has failed our best effort policy applies and we will work as fast as we can to restore data or perform whatever tasks are needed:

Best effort Policy
By its very nature websites reside on hardware that can fail despite best efforts. Where there is a failure we will provide best effort disaster recovery and will work diligently and as fast as possible to recover your data but it would be impossible to meet the resolution times above.