The new Audio Social Media platform.

Clubhouse is an innovative invite-only social networking app that aims to strike the balance between being a podcast and a conference call. It is a podcast. But with the added level of exclusivity. And when we say invite-only. We MEAN invite-only. You can’t just go to the App Store and download clubhouse. Instead, you need to be invited by an existing member of Clubhouse.

So what types of podcasts and events are hosted on there? Well, there’s a wide range. It covers niches and interests such as technology, sports, business, fashion and much more. With podcasts being hosted by big names in their respective industry and upcoming entrepreneurs. In some ways, it is also like a conference call. Those who are hosting the call inviting those who are listening to ask questions and engage in debates.

How can I join Clubhouse?

To be able to become a member of clubhouse and to start listening to podcasts. You first need to be invited by someone who is already an existing member of the app. Who themselves joined the app through the same method. However, they can’t just sign up and invite their entire friend list. Instead, there are a limited number of invites they can send out. With more becoming available as their engagement increases.

It’s growth in popularity

As well as the layer of exclusivity adding to the niche appeal that users love. Its celebrity endorsement has also helped catapult it into becoming one of the biggest growing start-ups of the last year. With SpaceX and Tesla owner Elon Musk having hosted a podcast with the Robinhood CEO that reached the limits of participation. As of the turn of this year, the app currently has over 2 million users with plenty of growth and innovation yet to come. With the company itself also being valued at over $1billion. It’s also been incredibly popular in China due to it’s niche nature meaning it was able to avoid the suppression and censorship that is so prevalent in the country.