Why having a secure website using https is important

Why your business needs https and why it is important.

If you are running a business and are looking into ways to be more efficient with your website, you must take into consideration that nowadays, security is everything. Not only when it comes to the quality of the product you offer, or the timings in which you deliver. A client has to be sure that every step he’ll make will be a safe step. Even the first click.If your business is looking to improve their website, the best way to go is hosting with a https secure Connection. There are only benefits and no losses for making this decision.

One of the many reasons is that with this system you can be sure that the transfers you make will be completely safe.At this time in age, all websites ought to have an SSL certificate to ensure data integrity, encryption and authentication, whether it gathers private or public information. This form of network protocol secures the transmission of data and also encrypts data being exchanged between a website and the visitors. All unauthorized users can’t access this data and this is especially important when it comes to sensitive information for instance passwords, email addresses or bank accounts.

Users of today are well informed, especially when it comes to their online security. We had years of scams and uninformed use to learn from. When searching for a product on any search engine or looking for a specific site, if a user sees your https website, they know for sure that it is a secure site. This means that https will increase your flow of visitor and potential buyers. And this is just the small difference you’ll get from the first glance.

You might think that https is similar to http or that the difference is insignificant. Well, it’s not! The extra “s” stands for “secure” and indicates a protected site. One you get your SSL Certificate you will have the benefits of a secure communication between the browser and server. Https also gives you ranking benefits on Google and it’s a boost for your Internet reputation.

HTTPS is secured through TLS (Transport Layer Security protocol), that provides these key layers of data protection:

Encryption: Encrypting all the exchanged data so as to secure it.

Data Integrity: Data can’t be corrupted or modified when being transferred without being detected.

Authentication: Proves that users communicate with the intended website.

Google claims that websites who use HTTPS will have a ranking benefit because of these security aspects.

With https, you are caring about what the user sees visually, but also having an extra layer of security when moving data from point A to point B. In SEO terms, HTTPS adds security for your goals. First, it verifies the website is the one the server it is supposed to be talking to. Second, it prevents tampering by third parties.

If you still think its a waste of money, trust that it’s not. With a little starter investment you’ll get the benefit of a bigger and not hesitating visitors’ flow that will position your business in the online world. Make the right choice and start using a platform that will improve your business on the long run. Times are changing and website development goes with the clock. You can only look forward and https is the way to go. Start today to improve tomorrow.

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