LinkedIn is probably one of the most underused and utilised social networks in businesses across the United Kingdom. It sometimes still falls under the impression of being the network people go to when they are looking for a job, or looking to freelance, or simply looking to network. When in fact the exact audience on LinkedIn can be your target market. It’s especially lucrative should you be in B2B sales/services. Today we are going to look at a few reasons why you should be using LinkedIn for your business and why it should be part of your overall social media strategy.

Recent studies show that over 610 million people use LinkedIn in over 200 countries around the world.  Just shy of 10% of the world population. With a majority of the people on there being working professionals. And one thing LinkedIn has done to separate itself from other social networks is to encourage its users to focus both on professional content and associations.

Using LinkedIn for your business also allows you to keep an eye on your competition. Many businesses use LinkedIn to broadcast announcements about their products/services. It also allows you to see feedback that customers are giving to your competitors allowing you to potentially take advantage of any pain points that are being highlighted in their products and/or services.

It also acts, similar to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, as another avenue for customers and clients to reach you and your business. Some of your clients may well use LinkedIn a lot more than other social networks, some may be just LinkedIn itself. And so not having a presence on LinkedIn prevents them from being able to get in touch with you just as easily as if they had been using another social network.

LinkedIn also acts as a great platform to redirect people to your website. Recent studies found that 46% of social media traffic that visits businesses websites that are in the B2B sector comes straight from LinkedIn.

It’s also a great place to source some of the top talents in your industry. Many of the biggest organisations in the world use LinkedIn to source the best candidates that they can. And many of the best candidates will go straight to LinkedIn to look for jobs rather than going through the standard job boards. This can speed up your whole recruitment process as well as ensuring you get the best candidates you can to fill positions in your company.

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